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Misc. Performances

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“The music and lyrics were excellently combined.” -The Trinity Review

A Freek Tragedy
“...an uproarious musical comedy based on the good life of ancient Greece with music and lyrics by Tom Masinter. The result was A Freek Tragedy and a smash hit.” (A Freek Tragedy) - Chris Alexander, Contributing Editor, Trinity Review

The Marigold Tree
“...bouncing, melodious rhythms, written by Tom Masinter provided an evening of light entertainment.” - The Trinity Review

The Fall Of Faustus
“ Marlowe’s play comes vividly alive on stage in a burst of electronic sound and an original musical score. Throughout the play the music, composed by Tom Masinter flows around the actors as if personifying the very moods and emotions revealed on each of the three stages. It moves from deep organ tones to tense electronic vibrations, from notes of doom and darkness to those of gaiety and slapstick comedy.” - The Trinitonian

“A music and sound score give the play a good eerie character.” - SA Express-News

“An original musical score composed by Tom Masinter combines with electronic sound, Moog synthesizer and other effects to heighten the supernatural flavor of the show.” SA Express-News

“The whole scene with its carnival music and the enthusiastic performances of the actors, is the best thing in the play” (The Fall of Faustus) - Ron White, Fine Arts Editor, San Antonio Express-News

A Cry Of Players
“I could only have wished for more of Tom Masinter’s music. It was all the beteter for being original, and not tritely Elizabethan-sounding.” - The Trinity Review

People Helping People
“A Trinity student, Tom Masinter, wrote the excellent music for “People Helping People”, used in most of our TV spots.” - Edward V. Chivot, Gen. Mgr., WOAI-TV (NBC).

Fire On The Bayou
“Fire On The Bayou has a lot going for it. It brings a flavor of musical presentation and story-telling that is rather exotic to New York, and that’s a big plus.” (Fire On The Bayou)
- Cliford Lee Johnson III, Manhattan Theatre Club

“The important thing in the show was the music, which was extremely well orchestrated and created by Mr. Masinter. “Fais Do Do,” “Fire On The Bayou,” and “Love Is You” are very memorable songs that have potential to become musical hits. In a sea of revivals, it is refreshing to hear something that is new and innovative.” (Fire On The Bayou)
- Mark Richter, Recorder-Times

“San Antonio theater goers are in for a rare treat...” (Fire On The Bayou)
- Kristina Paledes, San Antonio Express-News

“I especially like the fact that the story is told through a variety of songs with substance; it isn’t just pretty music.” (Fire On The Bayou)
- Allan Ross, Director, San Antonio College

Gone To Texas “...a thoroughly entertaining evening. The first big musical number, “Gone to Texas,” sets the pace for the rest of the show. It’s an engaging song that introduces many of the characters. From there on, the show is off and runing, keeping a nimble pace throughout.”
- Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express-News

“The production shows great promise. The scenes were very well-seamed together. If a production has just one hit in it, it has promise to become something big. This show has a couple of them.”
- Mark Richter, Lyric Opera of San Antonio

“The music and the smooth scene/time changes provided the momentum from adventure to tragedy.”
- Jean Flynn, Texas historian and biographer

“One of the show’s strengths from the beginning has been the well-crafted music.”
- Deborah Martin, SA Express-News

Twelfth Night
“But the real gem of the concept is Tom Masinter's original music, which works surprisingly well with Shakespeare's many songs, capturing how wonderfully evocative they are of the characters' promiscuous love play, revelries, and longing drenched in sweet romantic pangs.” - SA Current

Let's Misbehave
"This show is a musical feast. The romance and the comedy, the solos and the harmonies, the personalities and the costumes, all make for a spectacular performance. The vocal talent is awesome and such rich, hidden melodies. You feel part of this "cabaret type" setting and it is heart throbbing. Yes. Rick and Walter try to teal the show and then there is Paige twirling and Katy knocking our socks off with that vocal range and beauty. Walter finally gets his turn to show off some great dancing and solo singing. Roy and Shavonne are just..."too darn hot"." - Janie Sanditen Kolman

Fascinating Rhythm!
First impression: ‘Fascinating Rhythm!’ Posted on 09/22/2011 by Deborah Martin